Regular maintenance of solar thermal panels is essential to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. It also helps identify and address potential issues such as leaks, fluid levels, and pump functionality, which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked. Furthermore, routine checks and upkeep extend the system's lifespan, ensuring reliable and consistent energy output.



A typical service will involve:
- Checking for any leaks in the pipes and connections.
- Ensuring the heat transfer fluid is at the correct level and in good condition.
- Verifying that the pump is functioning properly and efficiently.
- Examining the insulation on pipes and tanks for any damage.
- Testing the controller and sensors for accurate readings.
- Assessing the overall system for any signs of wear or corrosion.
- Flushing and replenishing the antifreeze solution as needed.

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NRG Awareness - About Us

Our story

Our story began very early in the technological heating age; we realised that despite all the new devices in the heating, ventilation, and hot water market, the same old issues remain. Installers are overwhelmed by the need for up-to-date, better and more technical information and know-how, but their target continually moves with every additional innovation. Our real-world experience in the heating industry confirmed that the same topics repeatedly lead to customer dissatisfaction and profit-wasting callback hassles for designers and installers despite the horrendous energy wastage with inadequate circulation and inaccurate heat delivery. The problem applied to all fuel-type systems, and the newer, more technically advanced appliances highlighted the difficulties even more to the end-users.

Our target

Our target became evident, and we soon realised that many appliance malfunctions and customer discontent problems resulted from over-complexity and heat distribution system failures. The heating technologies had changed, but the installation practices stayed where they were. The solution had to simplify and improve installation practices before affecting the appliances’ overall performance and energy effectiveness. So, in short, if installations were easier to design and install and worked better, everyone would win.

Our goal

Our goal was to reduce the learning curve for the industry players and help produce the strategies that would maximise the benefits of using the newer, more energy-efficient equipment. We were delighted to begin our work in researching and developing innovative systems that would work equally well with all fuel types. Many years later, our core principles remain the same: to assist our clients in making better installation decisions. Seeing our team of forward-thinking, experienced design and installation engineers use their knowledge to develop solutions enabling our clients to thrive in today’s competitive and energy-conscious age was invigorating.

Our work

Our work proved highly successful, as we now have some of the most practical and effective system products on the market. The most remarkable outcome is that we have not had a single fault brought to our attention that resulted from our product designs over the years.

Our products

Our products are now operating successfully in all sorts and sizes of projects. From the beginning, our motivation was and has always been to deliver best-in-class heating system performance, improved satisfaction and profitability for the design and installation teams, and robust customer-centric results, helping to improve the value of their homes and businesses.

Our positive experiences

Our positive experiences lead to our further enthusiasm when seeing how designers and installers grow in confidence and business development when we partner with them every step of the way to take on more extensive and profitable projects with confidence. We work hand in hand with system decision-makers, designers, and installers, sharing our know-how, experience, and operational expertise. The one negative consequence is that our feedback is minimal; they succeed simply because the core products we designed have few or no moving parts. Also, because the systems function correctly, other components tend not to go wrong.

Our solutions

Our solutions provide an overview of what you should expect from our company when choosing or designing a reliable, energy-effective heating system. We worked to perfect our support process over the years, from initial contact with our company to the product and system installation period. The strategy continually improves with our new technologies and innovations becoming available.

Our hope

We hope that you will experience the results of our objective from the beginning, focusing on providing the best user experience possible to empower our clients by giving them an unfair advantage no matter the size of their business, to compete with the best in the world to realise and exceed their full business potential with superb installation results and lots of happy customers. Whether we are assisting you in designing a new high-tech installation or tweaking an existing system, we take great care to ensure that our work will ultimately serve you rather than our own internal goals or bottom line. We sincerely hope our work will help you accurately reflect your systems’ expectations or your company’s and client’s beliefs and objectives.