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Tecnical & Guidelines

\Tecnical & Guidelines

We provide technical guidance and data sheets to help you better understand our product and offer step by step advice on installing and using our highly acclaimed heating system methods in your project and give detailed ‘how-to’ advice and specifications on various aspects of our products.


Friendly and reliable customer service

  • Tech Support: Our customer support team is at your service! Feel free to contact us about your heating system design and get the advice you need from our friendly staff. Contact us by email or through our Technical Support line system and get answers directly! Every system design available on the NRG Awareness website or on our free system Design App has been custom designed by our team of system designers and installed in sites all over the country with perfect success.
  • Tech Goal: Our Support goal is not only to design and deliver the best and most appropriate control solutions but also to ensure our customers have the best possible support available. Our expert support staff can help solve any technical issues that you or your customers might encounter. The NRG Awareness technical support team will actively work with you or your technical people to help them to make sure that the installation is done correctly and working properly, providing just the right levels of technical consultation, installation support, maintenance guidance, and training needed to get the work done right first time.
  • Tech Downloads: We can provide general technical guidance documentation and data sheets to help you better understand our product and how to install them with maximum effectiveness and if required offer job-specific, step by step advice on installing our highly acclaimed heating system methods in your project and give detailed ‘how-to’ advice and specifications on various aspects of our products.


The NRG ZONE has been designed to eradicate many of the issues being faced within today’s ever-changing heating industry.

It has been developed to increase the safety, efficiency and reliability of any system it is installed in while decreasing the systems complexity and installation time.

The NRG ZONE benefits are universal and apply to all involved in the heating industry, from architects, heating engineers, plumbers, right through to the end user.

Heating systems (such as sealed or open configurations, high-temperature appliances; gas or oil boiler and/or geothermal equipment; heat pumps etc.) can all be used to their highest potential with proper, well thought-out installation system layouts.

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The NRG-Link is a very simple yet highly effective system inter-linking  solution from NRG Awareness, used to interconnect open solid fuel systems to sealed heating systems in a patented and uniquely safe way.

NRG Link provides for an unobstructed gravity heat leak circuit from a solid fuel appliance that incorporates an open expansion and cold feed to take the heat from the solid fuel appliance into the sealed system. The unit is completely insulated with pre-wired primary and secondary side pumps which are controlled by an integral thermostat, and plate heat exchanger all neatly packaged in a 320 mm x 330 mm x 350 mm, including pre-insulated enclosure.

NRG Link is compliant with all solid fuel regulations with flow & return connections for the solid fuel appliance, a heat leak circuit and an efficient heat transfer medium to the sealed system.



The NRG-LEX SYSTEM CONTROL MODULE eliminates the tedious and complex wiring tasks associated with a modern central heating system. The module links all the electrical components in a simple and efficient way.


4 temperature control zones, each with time and temperature control inputs as well as LED indicators, which can control a circulation pump or motorised valve.

2 boiler control systems (linked to the 4 temperature control zones), each with 3A power supply and volt-free switch contacts, to switch power supply to boiler(s).

2 auxiliary relays, activated by any of 4 inputs, and each with normally-open and normally-closed contacts.

1 frost thermostat input to activate boiler relays when the ambient temperature gets dangerously low.