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At NRG Awareness, our mission is to provide technically advanced yet simple to use heating system equipment and installation methods that deliver innovative solutions to solve complex design and installation challenges to fully exploit the benefits of the most advanced energy efficient heating products available in the marketplace.

We provide heating solutions for both commercial and domestic applications driven by the need to add value to our customers and their projects by proactively clarifying their needs and only supplying what they really want to make their works more successful.

Our NRGZone system manifolds and system control units are available in standard forms to suit most domestic or light commercial applications, but we can also provide ‘made to order’ solutions for larger or more complex systems for any size application.


NRGZone is the simplest way to independently control separate areas of your premises to whatever level of comfort suits your requirements at the times you choose, using single or multiple heat forms to suit your exact requirements.

  • Adaptable: You can use the future-proof design of NRGZone with all types of water-based systems and with any type of heating or cooling appliance; oil, gas, solid fuel, geothermal or heat pump/chillers, as it is ready to accommodate practically every present or upcoming form of energy technology.
  • Minimal Installation effort required; NRGZone is preconfigured and ready to create perfect heating system designs, including all of the core elements necessary for safety, fuel economy and highly efficient energy delivery only to where necessary.
  • Zero complaints: For us, having zero complaints means solving potential problems before they arise, and it has worked very well. One of our main goals with every project is finding solutions in any circumstance so that our customers can recommend us and become our most important promoter so that we all win.
  • Cost-benefit: Having high efficiency gear is only half the battle, NRGZone will maximise the energy potential of your heating equipment, saving fuel costs and so reducing system wear and tear and other service issues.
  • No false promises; Every one of NRGZone’s design functions is based on our principle of continuous improvements using well established good plumbing/ engineering practice to ensure that our customer’s systems work; first time and every time!

Your equipment will work to its full potential and satisfy your energy demands

only when and where it’s needed, using only the energy that’s actually needed.


With NRG Link you can exchange the heat from your open-system solid fuel back-boiler, stove or cooker to your sealed heating system in the safest, most regulation compliant way.

  • One-Stop Solution: The NRG Link unit is complete with all the necessary elements for solid fuel heat transfer from open to sealed systems (pumps, heat exchanger and pre-wired control) as well as completed heat exchange pipework and insulation.
  • By the book Safety Features; allowing the system to remain safe using a gravity circuit, open vent and a permanent cold feed, with or without electricity.
  • Adaptable; making solid fuel easy to interlink with any other wet heating system, completely irrespective of the pressure in the second system.
  • Versatile: Allow your regulation compliant solid fuel system to be located almost anywhere in accordance to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Easy to install; NRG Link is the simplest and fastest interlink system on the market; In most instances the NRG Link unit can be mounted in less than 10 minutes.

    Reliability: Fully researched and tested to comply with all regulations and good trade practices Using only established and well tested reliable components.

  • Economical: The most cost effective multi-pressure interlink solution available when taking installation time and materials into account, typically requiring a day’s less installation time than other pressure interlinking methods.

-System Control Solutions

NRG Awareness provides heating controls and wiring centre solution, as well as pre-wired control panels, allowing for comprehensive yet simple heating installations that permit full system control for both comfort and economy. With easy-to-follow installation instructions and full technical support, our methods offer accurate time and temperature control for all system types, from simple domestic to large commercial applications.

  • Installer-friendly: Eliminate installation complexity with a selection of wired and wireless remote control solutions (with radio frequency (RF) or internet control)
  • Safe: Designed and constructed to the highest safety standards with built-in electrical protection
  • Maximum energy effectiveness: ensuring that the right amount of energy is used to achieve comfort, only when is required and in full compliance with all regulations.