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NRG Link


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NRG Link – The Easiest and Safest Way To Inter-Connect Sealed & Open Heating Systems

NRG Link from NRG Awareness is a new Patented technology that allows for the Safe inter-connection of Sealed (closed) and Open Heating Systems in a unique cost effective, efficient manner.

NRG Link is perfectly Regulation Compliant and comes complete with Pumps, Plumbing Connections and is Pre-wired with an integral Pipe Thermostat to simplify the whole installation.

NRG Link is ready to install design reduces an average dual-pressure heating installation time by a days work on more.

NRG Link costs less than the cost of the components, plus assembly time (layout, measuring, cutting, soldering, etc.

Product Features

  • Pre-wired to speed installation time and ensure correct operation.
  • Simple accessible connections will allow a proper flow through the solid fuel Gravity circuit ensuring a safe installation on the open-vented side and pre-configured secondary-side connections makes attachment to sealed systems and easy task using a unique injector-based technology with top quality components.
  • Helps ensure correct piping strategy by incorporating the Primary/Secondary piping requirement and an efficient heat transfer mechanism for perfect interconnection results with ‘top’, ‘side’ & ‘bottom’ Secondary connection points
  • Simple mounting method for the NRG Link unit allows for neat pipe-work and accessible connection joints for precise and good installations every time.
  • Includes 1″(28 mm) unobstructed Primary Domestic Hot Water connections orHeat Leak Circuit perfectly in compliance with regulations and good trade practice.
  • Quick access to all the internal mechanical parts and pipe work connections allow for simple system installation & servicing for now and into the future.
  • Compact design – Just 400mm (H) x 300mm (W) 320mm (D)
  • Unit Weight 12Kg Approx


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