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The History

The NRG ZONE was developed out of necessity. It had become evident that while there has been numerous advancements in the technology being applied within the heating industry maximum advantage of this technology was not being taken.

In short while the appliances being installed throughout the industry have drastically improved there did not exist a common system of installation to achieve the desired results from the system irrespective of components.

Our researched showed that this issue was greatly affecting manufacturer’s capacity to sell their products, installer’s ability to install them and end users ability to enjoy them.

dddddddDesign & Development

Our research had shown a number of factors which had to be addressed within the industry. So we set about designing a single product which would allow heating systems to be easily designed and / or retrofitted, system components to operate to their maximum potential, increase the safety and efficiency of the entire system while also improving the installation method of heating systems.

To achieve this we built a specific research and development facility. After of 2 years and numerous man hours we finally began manufacturing the NRG ZONE in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

The NRG ZONE is the latest advancement in central heating manifold technology.

The NRG ZONE has been designed to eradicate many of the issues being faced within today’s ever changing heating industry.

It has been developed to increase the safety, efficiency and reliability of any system it is installed in while decreasing the systems complexity and installation time.

The NRG ZONE benefits are universal and apply to all involved in the heating industry, from architects, heating engineers, plumbers, right through to the end user.

Heating systems (such as sealed or open configurations, high temperature appliances; gas or oil boiler and/or geothermal equipment; heat pumps etc.) can all be used to their highest potential with proper, well thought-out installation system layouts.


An NRG ZONE manifold is used as a central heating part that allows for rapid system construction, total flexibility, complete reliability and ultimate cost effectiveness in any new-build or retrofit central heating project.

The system’s concepts are well proven and comply with good practice and effective design technologies from standard system configurations throughout the heating system industry. The NRG ZONE has thousands of potential applications ranging from; commercial property installations to educational institutions, hotels and on to simple domestic applications.

The unit is easily calculated to be the most cost effective method known to create superlative heating system performance with the added benefit of decreasing the intended systems complexity and installation time. NRG ZONE products are totally versatile allowing for safe and efficient system construction using oil, gas, solid fuel and renewable energy sources such as heat pumps as well as CHP equipment.patent-617x416

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